29 August 2014

Hartford Sängerbund Bierfest: A Little Taste of Germany

Last Sunday, The Husband and I attend the Hartford Sängerbund Bierfest in Newington. While this was the first we'd heard of the event, it's been going on since 1984 ... which meant it must be good. And it was!

Admission was $10 per adult and food tickets were $1 each. We bought $30 worth of tickets, which allowed us to buy various Würste and Leberkäse, water, and ice cream (we were one ticket short for the ice cream, but that was the one stand that actually accepted tickets and dollars). Each food group was sold from its own tent, so there was a wurst line (heh), potato pancake line, and beer line ... but the lines quickly moved along as the Sängerbund folk clearly know what they're about.

Leberkäse with sauerkraut, tangy potato salad, sliced tomatoes, and spicy mustard.

Currywurst. A little disappointing as it was only steamed (should be steamed, then fried for extra awesome).

The Kaffeestube, tucked away in a corner on the way to the toilets, sold cakes and coffee (obviously), but none were to The Husband's liking as they all contained "horrible" ingredients like apples or coconut or poppy seeds. He did enjoy the ice cream, however, and even admitted my lager-flavored selection was "pretty good, if you like beer." Made with Sam Adams Boston Lager, it was well worth four tickets.

O, delicious lager ice cream!

There was plenty of seating, both inside and outside the music tent, which was a very good thing as the music was too loud for my delicate ears and we ended up enjoying our ice cream outside in the shade were there was a gentle breeze to cool us and the music was at the "correct" volume. Music was provided by the Hornberg Musikanten, a Bavarian brass band from the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. They certainly played with gusto and the couples on the dance floor seemed quite enthusiastic, too. My dad's mom loved to dance and I think she would have loved the band. Definitely her scene!

Flags of some of the sixteen German Länder.

The Hartford Sängerbund Bierfest is a biennial event so, unfortunately, we won't see it's like again until 2016. However, the Hartford Sängerbund offers regularly scheduled events throughout the year, including a Schlachtfest on 1 November. There will be a variety of wurst, including Blutwurst (blood sausage). I really enjoy black pudding and thus am quite excited to try Blutwurst. The Schlachtfest is a mere four days before my birthday, so it seems a perfect early birthday present!

27 August 2014

Simply Summery Supper

A summery Sunday supper of roasted sweet corn and wild-caught salmon with a simple salad of tomato, onion, and cucumber. Bought the wild-caught salmon at Straight From Maine Seafood, a local fishmonger that opened three years ago and yet I'd never visited before. And why not? Because it's slightly inconvenient to get in and out of the shopping center's lot. Yeah, best reason ever.

Anyway, completely delicious salmon! And, if you're used to Whole Foods' prices for wild-caught salmon, Straight From Maine Seafood's prices are perfectly reasonable. In addition to the pleasing assortment of fish and shellfish, the store also sells lobster ravioli, soups, and Humpty Dumpty chips (in fabulous flavors like ketchup and dill pickle). I'm definitely going to have to add this store to my list of Things To Do On My Fridays Off Instead Of Frittering Them Away On The Internet.

Chop two small cucumbers into a small serving bowl. Add one chopped seeded tomato and half a diced red onion. Toss with one tablespoon olive oil, one tablespoon white wine vinegar, and salt-and-stuff blend of choice (I used Boxed Goodes' Allium Salt). Set aside.

Preheat oven to 400°F. Trim the corn silk and remove any loose leaves. Place corn on rack in preheated oven and roast for twenty minutes.

Pat salmon dry and brush with a little olive oil. Squeeze some lemon oven it and sprinkle with a few grinds of whatever salt blend you used on the cucumbers. Shove corn to the side of the oven. Add tray with salmon and roast ten minutes more.

Remove salmon and corn from oven. Allow corn to cool down for five minutes or until it doesn't burn your fingers, then shuck corn, brush with melted butter, and season with salt and pepper (if that's your thing). Portion out salmon, cucumber salad, and corn. Eat.

I bought and cooked more salmon than two people really "need," but I know the leftovers will be excellent in scrambled eggs and on tossed salad. Or just nommed-up cold while standing in front of the fridge. Don't judge.
25 August 2014

Menu Plan Monday: 25 August

Once again, it's Menu Plan Monday! Exciting!

Soup with salad and garlic bread because MONDAY.

Marinated grilled boneless skinless chicken breasts with roasted zucchini. (Leftovers for Wednesday's lunch).

Errands after work so pick up something at Noodles & Company. Probably the Backyard Barbecue Chicken Salad (for me) and Spaghetti and Meatballs or Steak Stroganoff (for Him).

Lemon pepper tilapia with lemony steamed broccoli.

Greek tuna steaks with cucumber-feta-and-tomato salad.

Grilled marinated boneless, skin-on duck breast halves with garlicky green beans.

Picnic time!
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