17 August 2003

Glorious Garlic In My Tummy @ Adam's Garden of Eden

I have eaten so much garlic today that I could knock a vampire dead at ten paces. The rain turned out to be a plus as it cut down on the crowds and made it much easier to talk to stall owners. No real waiting for food, either. Was I ruled by my taste bud's insatiable lust for garlic today? You betcha.

Balsamic grilled portabella mushroom caps with a dollop of garlic goat cheese ... garlic and shiitake potato vichyssoise with garlic pesto croustades ... fried dough with garlic ... damned fine chicken gyro with garlic ... ginger garlic chicken ... garlic ice cream ...

And there are pictures, because The Husband brought the camera along. We don't bring the camera to family functions, but we bring it to the garlic festival!

07 August 2003

Gearing Up for Garlic Fests

Next weekend (Aug. 16-17), is the 8th Annual Garlic Festival at Adam's Garden of Eden in Pawcatuck. This will be the fourth we've attended. I love the Garlic Festival -- great food, nice people, good music. Between the garlic ice cream, the garlic flavored fried dough, the portabella mushroom caps stuffed with garlic enhanced goat cheese, and the garlic poppers it's a garlic fiend's paradise. I'd like to get out to California some year and go to Gilroy someday, but for now Adam's will do quite nicely.

Other garlicky things within a drivable distance:
  • 8th Annual Southern Vermont Garlic and Herb Festival (August 30-31)
  • 5th Annual North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival (September 20)
  • The Hudson Valley Garlic Festival (September 27-28)
  • 3rd Annual Sharon Springs Garlic & Crafts Festival (October 4-5)
I love garlic and yet I cannot grow it. All my garlic was growing quite nicely and I was looking forward to a decent first harvest when they all just keeled over and died. The heads I dug up where dry husks. It is pretty depressing, really. Ah well, I shall just have to by ropes and ropes of the locally grown organic stuff at the festival. And jars of pickled garlic and roasted garlic chutney and cranberry garlic salsa and ...
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